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Please read my message. I'm a Medical Doctor.

I started questioning this virus since the beginning looking for evidence of a possible threat.

I started reading news from different countries and I saw the following pattern:
Doctors, scientists and media who were not following the official narrative were being silenced, banned, reported.
A small advisory group has been established in each Government taking directions from WHO.
The possibility of a mandatory vaccine has been continuously pumped by the media.

Governments want to introduce a health immunity passport without which no one will be able to travel, get a job, do anything.
This is a fear operation to make people accept and request a vaccine.

There is free information out there.
Please do your research.
You will find information that shows that different countries have been working on this project for a long time.

Try for example to google:
health passport
immunity passport
mRNA vaccine
DNA vaccine

If you are in a position where you lead a company, please don't follow the official narrative.
Use your power to fight this mis-information.
Protect your employees.
Don't follow the Government advice.
Don't contribute to spread the fear.

If you are or know a restaurant, hotel, shop owner, don't request your staff or customers to wear masks or follow absurd procedures.
We need to protect people from fear.

If you feel your job is contributing to this totalitarian control, find another job as soon as you can and stop working for this global program without knowing it.

If you are a Doctor, a nurse or someone working in the medical field, do your research, speak up, refuse to implement these covid related procedures.

The virus:
Although many viruses circulate around the world, never have been taken such draconian measures to shut down the entire economy.
Have you asked yourself why?

We have millions of viruses and bacteria in our body.
Our immune system also uses some of them to protect us and keep the balance.
Our nose and throat can intercept viruses and the body will create the antibodies for them.
It's always been like that for millions of years.

So why some people have died?
Yes, some people have died, this virus exists indeed, but the people in power are using it to try and control all of us more and more.

The majority of the people have died because:
They were old and had co-morbidities
Their immune system was compromised
Wrong procedures have been taken to try and save them

Tests give lots of false positives, which means that many of the hundreds of thousands of people tested positive, probably didn't have Covid-19.

How can it be cured?
A healthy immune system, gets rid of viruses by itself in the majority of the cases.
For those with a compromised immune system, there are specific drugs.
But as we said, many doctors are being silenced to keep the official narrative that a vaccine is needed.

Why is this happening around the world? How is it possible that no one finds what the problem is?
Imagine that the WHO (World Health Organization) is owned and managed by a very small group of people, corporations.

Here's where the WHO funding comes from:

It's a safe link to weforum.org, you can check it on the Internet by yourself.
In summary, the top 4 contributors are:
United States
Bill Gates foundation
United Kingdom

So you can imagine that when a small group of people gives directions and advice to the various Governments, it doesn't take long to understand how easy it is to keep everything under control and spread the official narrative across the world, also thanks to the official media, newspapers and TVs.

As you've seen by yourself, many Governments don't even know what a virus is and keep giving confusing advice as they don't know what to do.

The DNA vaccine:
A vaccine for this virus is not needed as Covid-19 is just slightly worse than the seasonal flu.
There are many medicines that can be taken, you can find successful procedures implemented by Doctors if they managed to publish them online without being censored.

This new type of DNA vaccine (never before tested on human beings) would alter you DNA with unknown consequences on your free will, mental stability, health, lifespan, your children when you procreate and so on.

These short videos here below give you some evidence, but we urge you to do your research as well.
(bitchute is a platform similar to youtube where there is less censorship, but you can also google the video titles if that makes you feel safer)

Video title:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters “Fact-Check” on COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

Video link:

Video title:
Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne

Video link:

If you can't find these videos on the links because they have been taken down, you can google the titles and you'll surely find the same videos uploaded on other platforms.

Additional videos and links:

Message from Dr Carrie Madej:

A website which gathers many videos with testimony of various people

America's Frontline Doctors Summit:

Search for "health passport" or "immunity passport" using a search engine:
You will find many projects, depending on the country you live in, for a health passport to be deployed in autumn 2020.
Governments already have it, ready to be implemented. Sounds strange? You can't implement such a passport in 2 months, so it certainly comes from a pre-planned process.
A health passport will contain all information about you. I mean, all.
If you don't like something, or do something that the Government thinks is wrong, or you don't want to take a mandatory vaccine, the Government will simply switch off your health electronic passport and you won't be able to do anything, find a job, travel, see your relatives, have children, and so on.

Do you want a world like this?
I don't.

What's the trigger for you?
What's the point when you say: "It's enough, I can't allow this to happen to me anymore"?
For me, it was the possibility of a mandatory vaccine. The fear that I might not have been able to have my free will anymore, to have children, to be free as I am now.

Although all this control might seem reassuring for some, as we all know that there are many criminals out there, think about the freedom you have today to go to a restaurant with your beloved without giving away all your information, where you live, what's your health status to the restaurant.
Think about how you can travel between countries in Europe or the US with almost no restrictions. Without being tracked.

A Global Totalitarian State is being implemented and we are all watching this without saying anything?
Without a debate on what's good and what's bad?
Without understanding if this is safe, legitimate, protects our freedom, privacy?

Unfortunately, that's what going to happen unless you wake up.

What can you do?
Break the rules.
Don't accept masks.
Don't accept a health passport.
Don't accept a mandatory vaccine.
Go on twitter, , youtube or any other social media and get more information, try to understand, share this content.
Join groups who are trying to fight this. You can find them on the Internet.
Share this content with them.
If you are in a position of power, don't comply, use your power to fight this.

Governments are doing this because they don't find any obstacle, they don't find anyone who is opposing them.
You need to believe in yourself.

Please do your research and think critically.
Do it for the people you love.

As you can see, this is not spam, it's not harmful and it's not a virus.

It's important that those of us who have more power, more financial stability, more "margin", act to change this and expose all these lies.
Those who cannot, well we hope that you will at least join other people on social media and inform the people you love so that you can contribute the way you can.

This is a documentary on virus and vaccines:

If you have time for a long view, this is a documentary movie that was released in 2007: "Zeitgeist"

You can watch it online linked on that website: ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE (2007)

To understand how this has been made possible historically with facts checked and explained.
As the movie is from 2007, you will also have proof of what has happened after 2007 and have a confirmation that the global elite has planned and leveraged the various historical events, to drive their agenda to where we are now.
The third part of the movie is the most important one. Watch that one if you really don't want to spend time watching the whole movie.

Our parents only had newspapers and TV, media owned by the Governments that could use them for their propaganda.
Thanks to social media and information sharing, more and more people are now awake and know what's going on.
We must take action to stop all of this.

Thank you.

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