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1) How do I create my own profile?

Click on the sign up link in the menu on the right hand side. Fill in your basic information and the system will send you a confirmation e-mail. Click on the activation link in this e-mail and follow the steps to complete your profile.

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2) What does this site do for me?

This site allows an easy way to meet other musicians and bands with similar interests and style.

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3) How do I contact other members?

As a Free Member you can receive, read, and reply to messages sent to you from Premier members. However, to initiate contact you must upgrade to a Premier membership. When you are logged in as a Premier Member, the member\'s contact button (located below the user\'s audio player) will open a pop-up message window. After completing your message, an e-mail will be sent to the member to notify them they have a new message atBandMix. All members (free and Premier) can read their messages.

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4) How do I become a Premier member?

You can become a premier by logging into your account and clicking on “Upgrade” in the red bar at the top of the page, or the blue “Upgrade Now!” button in the Dashboard area of your account.

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5) How much is a Premier membership?

Currently, the pricing for a premier membership is EUR 9.95 / 1 month, EUR 25.95 / 3 months or EUR 69.95 / 1 year.

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6) Can other musicians contact me as a Free member?

Yes, absolutely. You will receive an e-mail stating that you have mail at BandMix anytime a member contacts you. You can read your mail by logging into your account and viewing your new messages.

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7) How do I find other musicians/bands?

There are multiple ways to find musicians and bands on BandMix. You can find musicians in your area using the Search and Browse features at the top of the page. You can also receive lists of musicians/bands through our automated Match Mailer emails.

To perform general searches, select the account type you are looking for: Musician, Band or Industry. Choose your category or instrument, then enter your city or zip code in the Search Area box. For more specialized searches, click on ‘Show More Options’ to see a list of filters.

The browse pages are divided by state, then by city. First, select your state, then, in the right side panel, you can use the drop down menu to narrow by category, or choose a city. Click “View All” at the bottom of the Most Popular Cities to bring up a list of all the cities in that state.

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8) How do I upload audio?

In your account area, click on “Music” in the gray navigation menu. There are two methods you can use to upload music.

You can open a free Soundcloud.com account, upload your audio files to their site and use your Soundcloud ID on your BandMix profile to link to those tracks. Your ID can be found in your Soundcloud URL: www.soundcloud.com/your-ID-here.

You can also directly upload audio tracks to your BandMix profile. The built-in player on your page supports mp3, ogg, m4a and wav files, but this varies across different browsers. Although wav, ogg and m4a files are supported by our player, the capability varies between browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, etc.) Mp3 is the most reliable format and will play in all browsers. We recommend converting your files to mp3 files for the best streaming results.

Each individual file cannot exceed 10.00 MB.

For each file that you upload, you will have the option to allow Streaming and/or Download. Other Formats: We also accept .mpeg, .aif, .wma, .wmv, .rm. However, these files will have to be made available for download or they will not show up on your page.

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9) How do I add videos?

BandMix only accepts videos from YouTube at this time. To add your video, copy the URL from your YouTube video\'s page (http://www.youtube.com/___) and paste it into the “Video” page in your account area. Be sure to remove the \'s\' from \'https://\' if one appears, as this is a security feature and will restrict your video from being able to upload. Our system will also not accept URLs that are formatted for a mobile device: \'m.youtube.\' instead of \'www.youtube.\'

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10) How do I upload music from a CD?

Download or purchase CD ripper software (there are many trial or free programs on the internet) convert your tracks to mp3 or wav files and upload from your hard drive.

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11) How do I add an image?

In your account area, click on “Photos” in the gray navigation menu. You can drag a file from your computer into the dotted box, or click the red button to select an image from your hard drive. Picture files must be in JPEG format.

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12) What is the calendar feature?

The calendar feature allows premier members to add events to their profile.

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13) How can I change my account info?

You can edit any area of your account at any time by clicking “My Account” at the top of the page. Then use the gray navigation menu to go to the area of your account you would like to edit: Profile, Photos, Music, Videos, Calendar, Now Seeking, Music List, Forum Profile, Options. Make your desired changes and click the “Update” or “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. You can manage your basic account features, billing, privacy, Match Mailer, and login information all from the “Options” page.

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14) How do I change my account type?

You can toggle between a Band and Musician profile by going to “Options” then “Account Type” under the Profile Options heading. To switch to an Industry Listing, please contact support using the support link at the bottom of this page.

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15) Can I hide my age?

There is not an option to hide the age displayed on a musician profile. Although this is an option on band profiles, as the members of a band vary in age. Bands can hide the age on their profile by going to “Options” then “Privacy Settings”. We understand the desire to hide your age, however, as an example we have members that are involved in specific-age groups or other situations of similar nature for which it is necessary that members are able to filter search results by age.

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16) How do I reset my password?

You can update the password on your account by going to “Options” then “Update password” under the Account Options heading. If you are having trouble logging into your account, you can click the “Forgot Password?” link on the Login form to receive an e-mail allowing you to set a new password on your account.

Be sure to refresh your browser and/or delete your cookies or it will not recognize the changes made to your login information.

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17) Will I automatically be renewed after I upgrade to a Premier Member?

For your convenience, you will be set for automatic renewal each month or quarter to ensure uninterrupted service. Annual memberships do not automatically renew.

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18) How do I turn off the Auto-Renew?

Log into your account, click on “Options”, then on “Billing Information” under the Billing Options heading. Set auto-renewal to “No” then click “Modify Settings”.

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19) I didn\'t receive my activation Email, what should I do?

Please contact support and they will manually activate your account.

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20) How can I maximize my responses from the messages I send?

We encourage you to include multiple ways of contacting you in your message (i.e. e-mail address, phone#, etc). We do not allow this information in profiles, but do not filter this in sent messages. Be sure to only include information you feel comfortable giving a near stranger. Also, be sure to make your profile as good as you can, this is essentially your resume for other musicians.

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21) What is the Digital Audition feature?

Digital auditions are an easy way for musicians & bands to quickly interview interested musicians in their area. By entering in the criteria for your desired position/musician, our system will automatically search our database and send out a general request for up to 100 matching musicians that may be interested in your opportunity.

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22) What is BandMix Elite?

BandMix Elite is an add-on to your Premier membership. It gives you even greater functionality with features like: Message Tracking (See when users read your messages), Private Browsing (No one will ever know you visited their page), Extra Storage Space and More Digital Downloads. On top of this, you also get a professional musician website with your own WWW. domain via Bandvista! Pricing is in addition to Premier rates and currently is: EUR 7.00/1 month, EUR 17.00/3 months, EUR 40.00/year

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23) How do I completely remove my listing?

You can remove your listing by logging into your account, clicking on Options and then on Decline Service. This will remove your entire profile.

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