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BandMix testimonials and feedback

BandMix: Musician classifieds feedback

Read what people have been saying about BandMix\'s musician services.

I had a tremendous experience on BandMix.com! I had ads with several other online and print vehicles in the Twin Cities and BandMix, by far, was the most successful! I highly recommend using BandMix to find musicians and bands! ” - Minneapolis, Minnesota

I would like to let you now that band mix got it done for me found an excellent guitar player singer keyboard player and bass player all very committed we now get together 3 times a week and hope to get out and gig soon !” - Des Moines, Iowa

I have found a band;I am struck over by how many responses i recieved because of my ad. I cannot thank you enough and have reccomended your site to many of my friends. Thanks Again” - Atlanta, Georgia

We have found a bass player. Thank you for the connections, and i will continue to use your service in the future.” - Denver, Colorado

Dear Bandix. Thanks very much for all youe wonderful service. It has been very helpful and supportive. Thankfully all the pieces of my band puzzle have been estabished and are stronger than ever... Thanks for all your help. If i am in need of further band related service in the future. Bandmix will be my first choice.Thanks again for everything. Sincerely, XXXXX 4,1,07 ” - Orange County, California

Very helpful. I found just the right people. Thanks” - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Bandmix.com was a wonderful resource for finding musicians to work on projects. It gave excellent profiles so I had a real idea about who I wanted to work with. peace.” - Gulf Shores, Alabama

It worked for me. I found my band members.” - Memphis, Tennessee

This is a great website. I found a lead singer for our band within three weeks. ” - Charlotte, North Carolina

Very excellent site, I found a great band here in Tulsa ” - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I found alot of good musicians by using your web site - thank you! We may need you again someday - I will keep your website handy! Thanks, Main Street Band” - Boulder, Colorado

I got in a band within a week or two and also play with a spin off of that one. You helped get me back into playing again quickly after not playing for over ten years. Thanks so much! ” - Las Vegas, Nevada

Wonderful...helped me find the band Im playing with and doing very well. Thank you. ” - New York, New York

It took a total time of 2 weeks and success! thanks! ” - Raleigh, North Carolina

The first drummer we contacted was our lifetime dream drummer. We could not be any happier. Thanks so much for the service. I am sure I will used it again. stratman53 ” - Lexington, Kentucky

i love your site, you are doing something very worthwhile.” - San Diego, California

Your website has a lot of really cool features and helped me find a singer for our punk band” - Los Angeles, California

I actually joined a band 4 days after joining your site!” - Tampa, Florida

this is a great service, thanks for the website...” - Nashville, Tennessee

Where have you guys been??!! This is awesome, I found a bass player and keyboardist within a weeks time!!!!...thanks guys!” - Jacksonville, Florida

you know its funny that my band just broke up and was bummed out but bandmix helped me put together a new group really fast...I owe you one!” - Phoenix, Arizona

i was skeptical on paying for the service at first, but man I'm glad I did. I sent out like 4 messages with my phone # and got calls the same day...even jammed with my new guitar player that day” - Marietta, Georgia

Amazing, it's about time somebody got it right. I can't thank you guys enough for the great service, I joined a great band that was exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work!” - San Diego, California

Love it, Love it, Love it!!! Found the bass player we needed in less than a month's time. This has the largest collection of musicians I've ever seen! I'll be back for sure.” - Jacksonville, Florida

best musician service I've seen.” - Portland, Oregon

I have a very good impression of your site, having found a drummer through it. I am sure that I will use your site in the future when looking for other musicians.” - Phoenix, Arizona

thank you very much, i all ready got a call from kipe, just what i was looking for i audition sunday, thanks to you at band mix, thank you so much, i'll let you know how it goes,” - Athens, Georgia

Thanks for doing all musicians a great service...- Great site...!” - Anderson, Indiana

Once again I have re-signed up for bandmix and again I have found my newest band member. Thanks bandmix” - Durham, North Carolina

I think this website is put together very well and find it easy to navigate around. Good job!” - New York, New York

Thanks again for the service and getting me hooked up with the band that I'm now a part of. This was all due to someone reading my profile on your site. It was well worth the few payments. Good luck with the business and I hope that others find it as helpful as I did. Keep rockin,,,,” - Anaheim, California

just wanted to thank you very much for this web page i have had a lot of musicians call me and now i am playing with Albert XXXXXX along with doing some jamming with some very cool cats thanks guys” - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Thanks. The site has been great, and I am settled in a band.” - San Francisco, California

I want you to know that BandMix is awesome and I enjoy using the site and the Premier account. ” - Portland, Oregon

very happy with the service” - Ann Arbor, Michigan

thank you very much you are a big help i may already found a band to join.Thanks again.you guys rock. ” - Columbia, South Carolina

I have enjoyed your site and found it helpful im my goals.” - Lexington, Kentucky

Thank You very much and your site has helped me find the band i'm in now!!!!! Thanks Alot!!! ” - Jackson, Mississippi

Thank you very much! I already received 2 responses from my new ad and will probably be getting together with a guitarist tonight! Great service...........” - Denver, Colorado

I have succesfully joined two bands and appreciate your help. ” - Cambridge, Massachusetts

hi - your service is great. we found the drummer we were looking for.” - Providence, Rhode Island

just wanted to say...best damn musician service out there...hands down. Thanks so much guys, site has been completely kick ass.” - Clearwater, Florida

Hey! Great site, you've got here. It's got a great look, solid feel, usability, and features. Brilliant!” - Londonderry, New Hampshire

And I just thought that I'd say thanks and it's a great service that you all provide. I had one good link up with a potential band in under 24 hours of using your website! Impressive. Thanks again.” - Knoxville, Tennessee

thank you and i will use your service again soon. your site is the best in its field. ” - Birmingham, Alabama

I put together my band thru APP_NAME. Not only did I find the musicians We needed we also found some pretty good friends too.Thank You so much for being reasonably priced. Cheers” - Richmond, Virginia

I'm in three bands, up from zero, since using your service, you're great! ” - Miami, Florida

This is not a request for help, it is a testimonial (I figured this would reach someone): I didn't have alot of faith in bandmix... ok, well, barely any. I've played music nearly all of my 32 years in some form or another, and I've always found people through music store ads and personal contacts (more on the latter end... footwork always helps). My band, Arkham Hollow, were getting pretty frustrated at the lackluster legions of drummers (umm, all two of them!). I posted EVERYWHERE I could, and nothing... nothing... nothing. We're weird, I give you that, as anyone who remotely thinks country and metal should be crossed is unusual (no, I'm not talking Glam Metal or Nu-Metal... that would be just plain stupid...and definately no Pop Country Radio Shiznit). Well, BandMix was the only one of the above that paid off. Seriously. Music Store Ads - Zero. Other Internet (including Harmony Central and whatnot) - Zero, Local Contacts (A noncommital 36 year old ex-junkie and 1 17 year old ex-junkie... we even gave them a chance!), and all my local musician drummer friends are taken and pretty commited. We got an E-Mail to our FREE account, and it paid off. A professional drummer, with road experience, contacted us and the chemistry worked. We're all dedicated (hell, the dedication level is a good idea... I won't scoff again!) with professional equipment (I thought that was a "brag" section for the trust fundies) and a desire to original material. We'll be on the road soon. We'll always remember BandMix... Thanks. ” - Springfield, Vermont

your website is great. I have found more prospective bandmates in the last couple weeks here than years using other channels. thank you!” - Charleston, South Carolina

Hey Bandmix! After being out of music for close to 10 years I decided to get back on the scene and my first stop was APP_NAME. Within a week I auditioned for a local working rock band and I got the job! Thanks Bandmix!!!” - Antioch, California

Thanks guys...you do however have an excellent site!, I have found a response to the ad placed and no longer need to advertise thanks for the email and best of luck...” - Berkeley, California

My experience with Bandmix has been good, I met my guitar player through this site.” - Stamford, Connecticut

it's cool,I have enjoyed your services and think it rocks!” - Little Rock, Arkansas

I appreciate this site so much! It has brought me some wonderful people to work with! Thank you so much for that!! ” - Huntington Beach, California